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DMTE(Destructive Materials Test Equipment)
Universal Cap Grip G1058


Universal Cap Grip G1058

This grip is designed to effectively secure samples for torque and pull tests. Typical applications include bottle cap torque testing, lid pull-off testing, and other tests requiring vise-action. A matrix of threaded holes allows the serrated steel posts to be placed in positions specific to the test sample, with a broad diameter range of 0.2 – 3.5 in (5.1 – 89.0 mm).

An ergonomic, rubberized knob easily engages and disengages samples, while a precision Acme screw provides durability and longevity over repeated engagements.

This grip can be used either manually with an R50 torque sensor or TT03 torque gauge, or in test stand controlled applications with the TSTM-DC torque test stand.

A hex tail with female threads permits mounting to a torque gauge, force gauge, or test stand.

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