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DMTE(Destructive Materials Test Equipment)
DMTE(Destructive Materials Test Equipment)

Airport Baggage Scales

Airline baggage scales, platform scales, digital weight/count indicators, and more.

The PA Scale brand identity is based on the value of American ingenuity. Our scales and weighing equipment, including our line of airline baggage scales are built for long life, sustained accuracy, clean extra-rugged designs, and strong customer support. The PA Scale M64 Airline Baggage Weighingsystems have become a standard for airport baggage check-in stations worldwide including McCarran International, Miami International, JFK International, and Cancún International (Mexico).

Our baggage scales, electronics, bench scales, and floor scales are manufactured in our modern plant in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and our larger platforms are made in our corporate plant in Terre Haute, Indiana. All Pennsylvania products are designed, manufactured, and supported by Pennsylvania Scale and ship NAFTA Free Trade to our Canada and Mexico business partners.