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Epsilon - MODEL 7642 High Temperature  Un-Cooled Extensometers (600 °C)


Epsilon - MODEL 7642 High Temperature Un-Cooled Extensometers (600 °C)

For use in environmental chambers where the entire extensometer must be exposed to elevated temperatures. These capacitive extensometers may be used up to 600 °C (1100 °F) without any cooling.

These extensometers use a high-temperature capacitive sensor and do not require any cooling. They will operate up to the maximum temperature limit of most environmental chambers used in materials testing. The Model 7642 is ideal for testing composites, metals and high temperature polymers in tensile, compression or cyclic testing. All units can be displaced in both compression and tension.

The extensometer is supplied with the revolutionary DT6229 controller. The standard output is 0-10VDC analog signal, factory calibrated with the extensometer. This system provides a number of functional enhancements, including high speed digital output, built in calibration and tare functions, analog and digital filters, and more.

The 7642 is readily interfaced with most existing test controllers, and may be directly connected to a data acquisition system or chart recorder, or directly to a PC. The 7642 may be used for strain controlled tests such as low cycle fatigue.


  • May be left on through specimen failure.
  • Improved performance at high temperature
  • Reduced size and weight, and improved high frequency performance up to 100 Hz.
  • Improved noise rejection
  • Digital controller and power supply included. Provides high level DC voltage output with low noise. Easily interfaced to test controllers, data acquisition boards and chart recorders.
    • Includes high speed analog and digital outputs
    • Intuitive web-based user interface for setup, calibration, and data acquisition
    • Built-in calibration reference and auto-zero features
    • Multiple extensometer calibration files may be loaded for use with one controller.
    • Multiple temperature-specific calibrations may be stored.
    • Selectable analog and digital filter options from 2 Hz to 3 kHz.
  • Ships fully calibrated with electronics with user specified voltage output (traceable to NPL).
  • All models can measure in both tension and compression and may be used for cyclic testing.
  • Mechanical over-travel stops
  • Standard units meet existing ASTM class B-1 requirements for accuracy. A calibration certificate is included. ISO 9513 class 0,5 calibrations are available upon request.
  • Hardened tool steel knife edges are easily replaced. A spare set comes with every extensometer.
  • Includes high quality foam lined case and a spare set of knife edges
  • Rugged, dual flexure design for strength and improved performance. Much stronger than single flexure designs, this also allows cyclic testing at higher frequencies.


Model 7642 Available Versions: ANY combination of gauge length and measuring listed below is available, except as noted. Other configurations may be available with special order; please contact Epsilon to discuss your requirements.



Input: Includes power supply for your country (specify)
Analog Output: User specified, +/-5 VDC or +/-10VDC typical, ±10.8VDC rail
Digital Output: 24 bit high speed Ethernet output with built-in web interface
Linearity: 11 point linearization, ≤0.1% FS typical linearity
Resolution: <55 ppm="" 0="" 006="" fs="" rms="" 4="" khz="" 6="" 0006="" 100="" hz="" br="">Cyclic Testing: >25 Hz typical, up to 100 Hz with small travel units,
@ 0.5mm travel.
Analog Filter: Selectable 100 Hz analog and 2Hz-3 kHz digital filters
Temperature Range: Ambient to 600°C (1100°F) typical†
Temperature Sensitivity (Gain): <100 ppm="" c="" 0="" 01="" fs="" typical="" br="">Temperature Sensitivity (Offset): 20 PPM / °C (0.002%FS/°C) typical
Sensor Cable: 2.5 ft (.7 m) tri-axial high temperature cable, plus 5 ft (1.5 m) room temperature extension cable
Standard Quick Attach Kit: Fits round samples up to Ø0.60" (15 mm) and flats to 2.0" (50 mm) wide for thicknesses up to 0.25" (6.35 mm) and 0.75"(19 mm) wide for specimens 0.25" (6.35 mm) to 0.50" (12.5 mm) thick.
Operating Force: <100 g="" typical="" br="">Environment: Recommended for elevated temperature testing in dry air or some other gases.

  • Gauge length adapter kits († - not recommended over 570°F (300°C))
  • Connectors to interface to nearly any brand test equipment
  • Bulkhead adapters for vacuum chambers
  • Dual-channel DT6229 controller available


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