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DMTE(Destructive Materials Test Equipment)
DMTE(Destructive Materials Test Equipment)
Lloyd - EZ Series (bench mounted) - Up to 50 kN


Lloyd - EZ Series (bench mounted) - Up to 50 kN

The EZ bench mounted test machines are easy to use and perfect for testing applications such as wood, rubber, electronics, packaging and construction materials as well as for automotive parts testing. They can be mounted above a floor standing compression cage for large sample or complete assembly testing.

The EZ test machines from Lloyd Instruments offer high performance and flexibility. These materials testing machines are ideal for testing applications up to 50 kN (11241 lbf), and are designed for both routine quality control testing and for performing complex multi-stage tests.

The high stiffness frame incorporates a crosshead guidance system to prevent side loading of the test sample. Crosshead travel on the EZ test machines are up to 855 mm (33.7 in).

The test machines use high accuracy interchangeable XLC Series load cells for tension, compression and cycling through to zero force measurements. The load cells have an accuracy of 0.5%.

The NEXYGENPlus software interacts with Excel and Word, offering you the possibility of automatically transferring your test results directly into your own corporate templates.

The EZ Series come in two bench mounted models: the EZ20 (up to 20 kN / 4496 lbf) and the EZ50 (up to 50 kN / 11241 lbf). 

Key Features of the EZ20 Material Tester


  • Simple to set up, operate and maintain
  • Load measuring system exceeds the requirements of all recognised international standards
  • Uses high accuracy interchangeable XLC load cells (0.5% of reading)
  • Crosshead travel 870 mm (34.3 in)
  • Speed range
  • Up to 20 kN: 0.001– 508 mm/min (0.00004 to 20 in/min)
  • Up to 10 kN: 0.01-1016 mm/min (0.0004 to 40 in/min)
  • Data sampling rate 8 kHz
  • Saves up to 600 test results
  • 10 programmable test set-ups
  • Multi-lingual and multi-unit display options as standard
  • Flash memory upgradeable
  • Can be mounted above floor standing compression cage for large sample/complete assembly testing
  • Full PC integration with NEXYGENPlus material test and data analysis software

LR Plus & EZ Manual

EZ20 Data Sheet

EZ50 Data Sheet

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