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DMTE(Destructive Materials Test Equipment)
DMTE(Destructive Materials Test Equipment)
Footswitch For Series 7 Force Gauges / M7i Indicator


Footswitch For Series 7 Force Gauges / M7i Indicator

Automates common force gauge and indicator functions for improved testing ergonomics and efficiency, eliminating the need for multiple key presses. Up to three functions, separated by configurable time delays, may be programmed for a single footswitch activation. Applicable commands include:

  • Request currently displayed reading
  • Request real-time reading
  • Request peak tension, compression, clockwise, or counter-clockwise reading
  • Request average reading
  • Zero the display
  • Clear peak values from display
  • Output data via USB or RS-232 and save data via simulated DATA key press
  • Send data to a Mitutoyo-compatible device

Pass-through type connector allows for usage of all available instrument pins and communication cables simultaneously.

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