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DMTE(Destructive Materials Test Equipment)
Food Grips and Fixtures


Food Grips and Fixtures

We supply material testing instruments to some of the world’s most innovative companies within the food industry. The reason for this is our extensive experience within food testing, combined with our high precision texture analysis and packaging test systems.

We provide the specialised TA1 food texture analyzer, the LTCM Series firmness testers and a wide range of grips, fixtures, jigs and probes specially designed for food testing within fields such as bakery, cereals, confectionary, meat, fruit, vegetables, dairy, pasta, gels and pet food.

For a comprehensive list of accessories available for texture analysis and food testing, please see the Food Fixture Catalogue


  • Grips and fixtures for bakery testing
    Bakery Testing

    Test your bakery ingredients through to finished products.  Keep Reading

  • Grips and fixtures for cereals testing
    Cereals Testing

    Test the crispiness, firmness and flexural strength of you cereal products.  Keep Reading

  • Confectionary and Snacks Testing

    Test the hardness, crispiness and stickiness of your boiled sweets, snacks or chocolate.  Keep Reading

  • Meat, Poultry and Fish Testing

    Test the firmness and cutting strength of your meat, poultry or fish.  Keep Reading

  • Fruit and Vegetables Testing

    Test the firmness and extrusion properties on your fruit or vegetables.  Keep Reading

  • Dairy Testing

    Test the cutting resistance, viscosity, spreadability and gel strength of your cheese, yoghurt, butter or sauces.  Keep Reading

  • Pasta, Rice and Noodles Testing

    Test the firmness, elasticy and stickiness of your pasta, rice or noodles.  Keep Reading

  • Gels Testing

    Test the bloom strength of your gels.  Keep Reading

  • Pet Food Testing

    Test the hardness and bending strength of your pet foods.  Keep Reading

  • Cosmetics Testing

    Test the consistency, spreadability and bending strength on you cosmetics products.  Keep Reading

  • Packaging Testing

    Test the top load, friction and tearing strength of your packaging.  Keep Reading


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