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DMTE(Destructive Materials Test Equipment)
Epsilon - MODEL 3675 High Temperature Transverse Extensometers (540 °C)


Epsilon - MODEL 3675 High Temperature Transverse Extensometers (540 °C)

For tests in environmental chambers where the entire extensometer must be exposed to the heat. Designed for transverse or diametral strain measurement at temperatures up to 540 °C (1000 °F) without any cooling. The 3675 extensometer may be used simultaneously with Epsilon’s Model 3555 axial extensometer.

These high accuracy gages are designed for testing at elevated temperatures, much higher than strain gaged based extensometers. The Model 3675 uses a high temperature capacitive sensor and can operate without any cooling at the upper temperature limit of most environmental chambers used in materials testing.

Most often these extensometers are used simultaneously with the Model 3555 axial extensometer for measuring Poisson’s ratio or materials characterization for anisotropic materials like many composites. These units clip easily onto test specimens. A high temperature nickel alloy spring is used to create the force to hold the self-supporting extensometer in place on the sample. It can be used on samples up to 1 inch (25 mm) in width or diameter.

These transverse units are supplied with the Model 3603 signal conditioning electronics. The extensometer and electronics are factory calibrated. The analog output voltage is typically calibrated for 0 to 10 VDC (other ranges are available on request). This can be used directly by data acquisition systems. It usually can be routed to a DC input channel on most test machine controllers as well.


  • May be left on through specimen failure.
  • Capacitive signal conditioner and power supply included. Provides high level DC voltage output with lowe noise. Easily interfaced to test controllers, data acquisition boards and chart recorders.
  • Shipped fully calibrated with electronics (traceable to NPL (UK)) with user specified voltage output.
  • All models will measure both positive and negative displacements.
  • All standard units have linearity readings of 0.15% or better.
  • Includes high quality foam lined case and spare set of tool steel knife edges.
  • Rugged, dual flexure design for strength and improved performance. Much stronger than single flexure designs, this also allows cyclic testing at higher frequencies.
  • Self-supporting on the specimen

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