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DMTE(Destructive Materials Test Equipment)
Digital Scale Data Collection Has Just Taken a Turn

Pennsylvania Scale Company

Digital Scale Data Collection Has Just Taken a Turn

Digital Scale Data Collection Has Just Taken a Turn

PIVOT is a data collection system that provides nimble, scalable communication between PA Scale digital scales and networked devices such as phones, tablets, and printers. PIVOT easily integrates with new or existing PA Scale digital scales to capture and communicate parts counts, weights, and other critical inventory and production data points to any networked device.


  • Easily attaches to your PA Scale digital scale via USB port
  • Free PIVOT app for Android phones and tablets
  • Interfaces with a variety of devices and services, including local ERP and POS databases, phones, tablets and internet-based tools
  • Includes tools to help define and capture data points
  • Ready-built for counting scales but can be customized for other applications
  • Continuously outputs weights and piece counts to remote display or mobile device
  • Auto-programs piece weights for counting using bar codes or QR scan (local or cloud)
  • Performs sample count and saves piece weight to database
  • Continuous failure monitoring
  • Automatic updates and bug fixes
  • Add existing databases via CSV file

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