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Epsilon - MODELS LE-05 and LE-15 Laser Extensometers


Epsilon - MODELS LE-05 and LE-15 Laser Extensometers

These extensometers are high precision non-contacting units for strain measurement in materials testing. They use a high speed laser scanner to measure the spacing between reflective tape strips on the sample. The measurement range is from 0.3 to 5 inches (8 to 127 mm) on the LE-05 and 0.3 to 15 inches (8 to 381 mm) on the LE-15. The gauge length is determined by the user. This allows high elongation measurements when shorter gauge lengths are used. The high resolution also allows accurate measurements of smaller strains.

The self-contained extensometer uses state-of-the-art laser diode technology. A digital display is included. The analog output may be used to connect to existing test controls. The RS-232 serial communications interface provides two way communications. Operation may be local or remote.

The scanning beam is always perpendicular to the specimen, unlike most laser extensometers. This eliminates errors when viewing through windows in chambers. It also minimizes sensitivity to the distance between the extensometer and the sample. Because the unit measures reflected light, no receiver is required behind the sample.

Easy to use
The visible laser light is simply aimed at the specimen, which has small reflective tape strips set at the gauge length desired. The extensometer displays the actual measured gauge length. If desired, the zero button will offset the output to zero. As the specimen is tested, the display will then read the elongation directly.

The analog output and RS-232 interface are easily connected to existing controls or data acquisition systems.

High temperature clip-on reflectors may be used as an alternate to tape reflectors. The reflective tape can be used at temperatures up to 300 °F (150 °C). These are re-useable and available as an option. They are rated for use to 800 °F (425 °C).


  • Non-contacting design requires only reflective tape marks on the specimen, or clip-on reflectors.
  • Ideal for use in chambers-calibration not affected by aiming through viewing windows.
  • High resolution of 1 micron.
  • Full 5 inch (127 mm) or 15 inch (381 mm) measuring range allows high elongation measurements (e.g. 200% on a 1 inch gauge length).

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